It’s Time for a Culinary Revolution

Bringing Michelin-starred expertise and inspiration to Saudi Arabia, Creative Chef celebrates the infinite possibility of food. We are raising standards and revamping dining, bringing a fresh and modern approach that the Middle East region deserves.

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The Inspiration

Our inspiration is twofold: local and international. This is a region with a rich culinary history and a unique approach to food and fresh ingredients. It’s a region that truly celebrates tradition without looking backwards. The local inspires us everyday – that why Creative Chef returned to Saudi Arabia.

Our international inspiration comes from world-famous chefs and restaurants that we have personally worked with over the last decade. It comes from small ideas and unusual solutions we have seen, along with outstanding culinary scenes that provide a benchmark of quality.

Revamping the dining experience requires us to blend the local with the international, to take ideas and make them unique to the Middle East region. We want our inspiration to become your inspiration, and your inspiration to inspire change in the region.

The Mission

The Middle East has enjoyed exponential growth over the last few decades. But while new architecture and systems are shaping the 21st-century world, the culinary experience has remained static and stagnant. The region deserves the best of everything. And there are many reasons why the food scene needs to grow in order to match the rest of the Middle East.

There is passion for food here and recent investments have started to raise dining standards. After decades developing concepts and restaurants around the world, the Creative Chef has returned home to Saudi Arabia with an unparalleled expertize. We’re playing an integral role in redefining the dining experience, partnering with clients to develop new restaurants, concepts, menus and ideas.

We consult on large multimillion-dollar projects while also maintaining a focus on small businesses and local ideas. With a mission to raise overarching standards, we delight in working with clients with all sorts of ideas and budgets. Ours isn’t a business for profit, but a business driven by passion and the possibility of food. After all, there is no reason that a Saudi Arabian shouldn’t become a Michelin-starred chef.